Don’t Read About It Be About It

.Mail concept by Tobias van Schneider FULL STORY… Advertisements

Netflix Special Features [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: With the world moving toward streaming the people who enjoy the process of film-making or the craft of a good actor are missing out, not anymore. To date streaming, mail rental, or box rental companies have not included extras or special features. Speculation has been made that movie studios seem to be hanging on … Continue reading

Foreseeable Future [INSPIRING]

iPhone user interface concept by Joost van der Ree  

Acronym Engine [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: “Smh trying to figure out social media acronyms.” Not anymore. Abbreviations are used in every pocket of organized society. Whether it is the letter riddled education system, or social media. Acronym engine is an extension that would reveal the hidden message or possible hidden messages with a simple hover. Whether you are a scholar doing research … Continue reading