Ain’t Dead Yet [INSPIRING]

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It Wasn’t Written [INSPIRING]

Industrial Designer Carl Liu

Keep The Box [INSPIRING]

“Out of 443 design ideas, Wave Coca Cola Bottle Reusable Crate Design has been awarded first prize in the ‘Design’ category of the ‘Coca-Cola Design+ Award‘. It was submitted by young industrial design agency ‘ENTWURFREUCH‘ from Düsseldorf (Germany) and recognized as the most consistent implementation of the briefing.” FULL STORY…

Sweet Things [INSPIRING]

“They wanted the design to bring out the inner child of each person who walks inside, so they decided to create a “room” using childlike illustrations,” (2012). The Candy Room by Red Design FULL STORY…

Black Haze [INSPIRING]

Black Haze guitar by Andres Lüer Solorza.       FULL STORY…

Knife Smart [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: How can we take the guesswork out of knife sharpening? Knife Smart. The great thing about the kitchen is that it is where art meets science. The kitchen embraces improvisation and creativity; things central to art. At the same time the kitchen utilizes measurement and chemistry.  Knife Smart brings the science into the use of knives. There … Continue reading

Less CPU More Power [INSPIRING]


Battery Life [INSPIRING]

Huang Kun, Meng Xun, He Ting and Liu Yuan present: FULL STORY…

Gone, Handle Up [INSPIRING]

The designer of this removable handle for pots and pans went and handled up. No handle, better storage. “The handles are made of a special kind of refractory silicone material that can handle 300-400 Celsius, so you could …” Alberto Vasquez FULL STORY…

Ship Just Came In [INSPIRING]

The A50 open catamaran a design by Finland industrial design student, Janne Leppänen.         References:,