Netflix Special Features [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: With the world moving toward streaming the people who enjoy the process of film-making or the craft of a good actor are missing out, not anymore. To date streaming, mail rental, or box rental companies have not included extras or special features. Speculation has been made that movie studios seem to be hanging on … Continue reading

Acronym Engine [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: “Smh trying to figure out social media acronyms.” Not anymore. Abbreviations are used in every pocket of organized society. Whether it is the letter riddled education system, or social media. Acronym engine is an extension that would reveal the hidden message or possible hidden messages with a simple hover. Whether you are a scholar doing research … Continue reading

Share e-books With Read This [ORIGINAL]

    Pitch: Lend your e-books like your real books. Books are now more accessible than ever before. People are only one gesture away from books these  days. A core part of reading is the inspired social interaction. Read This is an application for e-reader libraries connected to social networks that would allow you to … Continue reading

Google Addict [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: Learn, and laugh about google through a series of commercials where addicts confess their obsession. Google is a giant in the search industry. Does it need a commercial? Probably not, but it does need to educate its users about other services it has. In this series of commercials influential people will confess their google … Continue reading

Knife Smart [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: How can we take the guesswork out of knife sharpening? Knife Smart. The great thing about the kitchen is that it is where art meets science. The kitchen embraces improvisation and creativity; things central to art. At the same time the kitchen utilizes measurement and chemistry.  Knife Smart brings the science into the use of knives. There … Continue reading

Verified App Kits [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: Universities and businesses package applications they use as organizations for their students, employees, prospective students, or customers. Market places for applications may soon place the traditional desktop, and has already made strides in replacing sketchy websites with download links and tons of advertisements. Being able to verify a bundle of apps as an organization … Continue reading

Console Hard Drive Controller [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: Take your game on the road to challenge, or show off your progress to a friend. With gaming doing all time numbers and steadily growing it will become a topic of conversation amongst friends. The awkward hardware with it’s wires and weight seems to be a problem while the controller is light-weight and mobile.  … Continue reading

Madden The Web [ORIGINAL]

More popular than John Madden’s voice was probably his sick pen game. Well in this Viral Idea original the idea of playing John Madden on the web has too many benefits not to exist in the web software marketplace. Pitch: Research this, take notes on that, want that for christmas, whatever you want to highlight … Continue reading

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