Netflix Special Features [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: With the world moving toward streaming the people who enjoy the process of film-making or the craft of a good actor are missing out, not anymore.

To date streaming, mail rental, or box rental companies have not included extras or special features. Speculation has been made that movie studios seem to be hanging on to special features and extras to motivate hard-disc purchases of their titles. Given their strategy Blu-ray sales were up 19% earlier this year, but DVD sales dropped 20% (Online Degrees 2012). Considering the wide gap of watching a movie online $0.41 versus a physical copy $4.72 studios may not change the assumed strategy unless it made financial sense.

Hypothesis: People who are interested in the process of making particular films are willing to pay more for extras.

If a big enough study and early trials can prove the hypothesis then maybe streaming extras or special features in a different package would be plausible for studios. 

Concept Photos:


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