Acronym Engine [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: “Smh trying to figure out social media acronyms.” Not anymore.

Abbreviations are used in every pocket of organized society. Whether it is the letter riddled education system, or social media. Acronym engine is an extension that would reveal the hidden message or possible hidden messages with a simple hover.

Whether you are a scholar doing research or someone trying to decipher a friends post, this would be a useful tool.

Hypothesis: Coding similar to Google‘s context based spell checker could be used to easily define words or spell out acronyms across the web.

Because Google’s current spell checker uses the context of the web it would grow as some of the social acronyms used on facebook or Google+. 

Yew Jin Lim a Software Engineer at Google discovered a way to further apply the context based spell-checking that is used in searches.  “…search isn’t the only place where I make spelling mistakes! And that got me wondering: could we take this adaptive technology and use it to make spell checking better in other places?

The answer is yes. To prove it, today we’re launching an update to spell checking in documents and presentations that grows and adapts with the web, instead of relying on a fixed dictionary. This update has a few big advantages over traditional spell checkers:

  1. Suggestions are contextual. For example, the spell checker is now smart enough to know what you mean if you type ‘Icland is an icland.’
 Leveraging the same context based suggestions for defining words or deciphering acronyms would create an extension or application that is unrivaled in the market.


Lim, Jin Yew (2012). Spell checking powered by the web. Retrieved from


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