Keep The Box [INSPIRING]

“Out of 443 design ideas, Wave Coca Cola Bottle Reusable Crate Design has been awarded first prize in the ‘Design’ category of the ‘Coca-Cola Design+ Award‘. It was submitted by young industrial design agency ‘ENTWURFREUCH‘ from Düsseldorf (Germany) and recognized as the most consistent implementation of the briefing.”


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  1. Quidesigner says:

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    Delle 443 idee di implementazione del briefing ‘Coca-Cola Design+ award,questa cassetta con bottiglie riciclabili ha vinto il primo premio della categoria. Disegnato dall’ industrial design agency ‘ENTWURFREUCH’ di Düsseldorf (Germania ) effettivamente rappresenta ciò che alla famosa azienda di bevande americana mancava …un po ‘di eco sostenibilità. E bravi i tedeschi!

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