Share e-books With Read This [ORIGINAL]



Pitch: Lend your e-books like your real books.

Books are now more accessible than ever before. People are only one gesture away from books these  days. A core part of reading is the inspired social interaction. Read This is an application for e-reader libraries connected to social networks that would allow you to share your e-book like you would normally share the print version.

Hypothesis: If lending e-books was as social as lending real books more people would buy. 

Businesses that deal in intellectual property have a concern about file sharing. So, how can sharing be allowed in a way that is from individual to individual rather than from one person to the congregation. 

Currently two readers have this capability,

“Barnes and Noble introduced its Nook e-reader device. Shedding the QWERTY keyboard that was on         the Kindle, the Nook had a sleek, polished front, a colored screen, and one other addition — it allowed its users to share their e-books with other Nook users, using the Barnes and Noble LendMe feature. Amazon caught up soon enough, launching a lending ability for its Kindle on Dec. 30, 2010.” (Subbraman 2011) 

Current limitations only allow sharing once, and there is a 14 day limit. However, the framerwork for unique file sharing is already in place. Currently on the Kindle and Nook once a book is hared it leaves the lender’s library.

Read This will make these transactions beneficial for people and publishers. People will get the benefit of freedom, lend to who you want to, when you want to, for how long you want to, using any major social network. When a book is lent out, it must pass through the social network on which you’re using the app. This equals a form of advertisement that is inherently human and ultimately a recommendation for other people to buy the book. Remember it can only be shared once, but why wait. 


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