Google Addict [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: Learn, and laugh about google through a series of commercials where addicts confess their obsession.

Google is a giant in the search industry. Does it need a commercial? Probably not, but it does need to educate its users about other services it has. In this series of commercials influential people will confess their google sins in a humorous way. The importance is in how they will confess. One person may confess something every googler can relate to, which is using a google search bar to get to google. Another person can confess their addiction to hanging out in google plus. A scientist could confess his addiction to google scholar.

The power of this series could rival that of HP’s acclaimed commercial series because it will deal with more specific content and use humor. Humor is something that anchors human emotion. YouTube parodies will fall from the sky.

Google has proven its sense of humor many times, most recently it enlisted LL Cool J for an april fools prank.


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