Verified App Kits [ORIGINAL]

Pitch: Universities and businesses package applications they use as organizations for their students, employees, prospective students, or customers.

Market places for applications may soon place the traditional desktop, and has already made strides in replacing sketchy websites with download links and tons of advertisements. Being able to verify a bundle of apps as an organization could save time and paper with respect to getting someone new up to speed. Taking a concept that was made popular by Twitter; the verification badge for a “University of Texas App Kit” or a “Google App Kit” is exciting.

The idea is simple enough, a place like Harvard says these are applications that Harvard students use as a result of a survey or simply, these are apps the University recommends. This helps with the efficiency and productivity of getting new students up to speed and it also attracts the potential student to prepare early or gives the fan of how Harvard operates a window into the most widely used apps on the campus.

The above screenshot shows how apple puts kits to practice for convenience but if the design kit above were endorsed by the likes of IDEO it would make it that much more enticing for would be designers to by the bundle and hopefully get a deal or by a specific application within the bundle. The fact that “IDEO” people use it is cool.

Imagine the “Apple App Kit” for all of the organizations out their that would like to operate with their philosophy.

This idea has scalability in terms of the types of organizations that could participate; non-profits, businesses, schools, social networks, blog networks, and the list goes on.


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