Stay Hungry [INSPIRING]

Outside in the wild there is a code. For the true outdoorsman honor and salvaging everything you can from a kill matters. Steven Rinella a wilderness author and now documentary series host knows that better than most.

He has a code. HHe speaks to have non-outdoorsmen and vegetarians appreciate the honor in hunting rather than commercial treatment of animals and eating processed meat and condemn dis-honorable hunters.

Following the success of his two books, American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon and The Scavenger’s Guide To Haute Cuisine Rinella embarked on a journey with the travel channel with the show The Wild Within.

The show had a fan base but after the first season just last year he and the Travel Channel parted ways.

In a new deal with the Sportsman Channel that rivals independent/major record deals Rinella will present a new show Meat Eater that will see his rights to all video footage that will allow him to have a thriving online community with his supporters. The show will premere in January.



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