Paint The Page [INSPIRING]

Black text, white page; used to be the recipe for resumes. Now one company is adding a little spice to the recipe. The company is their business is to re-design the business of getting a job. The idea is to use design and technology to improve how we experience job resumes. Viral Idea had the opportunity to interview CEO and Co-founder Eugene Woo:

Viral Idea: How did the company recognize the gap on the web and in the job search world for this type of service?

Eugene Woo: Resumes haven’t changed in a long time. I hated looking at resumes as they were long, boring difficult to read. Most of our lives are online right now too, so I knew an online format that could link our other online profiles would be beneficial.

Vi: What was the environment like in the beginning at, what type of space did it start in?

EW: We started at a competition called StartupWeekend Toronto, which we won. We won office space in an incubator run by Ryerson University called the DMZ. So we had a very good environment to incubate our product.

Vi: What other things that seem stale do you think design can influence?

EW: A lot of business tools are terrible. It’s totally acceptable to have a badly designed enterprise app, as long as its functional for example.


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